Local Action Group Kostenets 2010


Community-led Local Development Strategy 2016 - 2020

In connection with the preparation of a Community-led Local Development Strategy, the LAG held several events, aimed at consulting the opinion of the local community about it.

The project of the CLLD strategy is based on analysis that contains information on the present situation and the main characteristics of the territory of LAG Kostenets 2010, the economy profile, the level of competitiveness of the local economy, the main problems related to the social-economic development of the territory, a study of the interested groups and their needs, a study of vulnerable minority groups and a SWOT analysis referring to territory development

In March and April 2016 two information and two working meetings took place. More than 60 people - representatives of the economic and public sectors and the NGOs on the territory of Municipality Kostenets participated in these four events for formulating aims, identifying the most attractive measures, defining the financial frame and consulting the criteria for project selection/ranking.

In April 2016 in the three big entitlements of Kostenets municipality – the town of Kostenets, village Kostenets and town Momin Prohod were organised public discussions of the draft version of the CLLD Strategy. In the discussions participated 65 people which commented on the strategic framework – the aims identified, the priorities and the measures included, the financial framework – the budget for each of the chosen measures as well as the criteria for evaluation of submitted projects in future.

The prepared strategy includes: sub-measures 4.1 „Investments in agricultural farms”; 4.2 „Investments in processing of agri-food products", sub-measure 6.4 „Investments in support of non-agricultural activities” , sub-measures 7.2 „Investments in building and improving all kinds of small-scale infrastructure”; 7.5 „Investments in public use of infrastructure  for recreation and tourist infrastructure”; 7.6 „Studies and investments related to maintenance and rebuilding the cultural and environment heritage of villages”, 8.3 „Prevention and restoration of damage to forests from forest fires and natural disasters and catastrophic events”, which will be financed under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD); one measure of Operational programme “Human resource development” and one of Operational programme “Innovations and competitiveness”.

On 20th May 2016 the CLLD Strategy was addopted by the General Assembly of  LAG Kostenets 2010.

On 31st May 2016 LAG submited an application, the strategy and a package of attached documents at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for participate in the first call for applications and procedure for selection of LAGs and CLLD strategies under sub-measure 19.2 „Implementation of operations within the framework of strategies for community lead local development” under measure 19 “Community-led local development“ of RDP 2014 – 2020.


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